About Jessica


26 29 years old, with a degree in Historic Preservation from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I left college and went to work for my mom and dad in their business, got a house, a car, two cats, the whole shebang. Then… I met… a guy. Of course, I wasnt expecting to meet a guy, but thats how those things go I suppose. Turns out, this particular guy lives halfway across the world on a friggin iceberg called Norway.  So, after a short series of interesting life events, some deliberation, 164 cups of coffee, three weeks of packing, christ only knows how many packs of cigarettes, I found myself on a plane flying to Trondheim, Norway.

I went from a 2 bedroom small house with a big back yard and 2 cats, a house full of furniture and all my crap which I had so lovingly collected over the years, to a second floor 2 bedroom small apartment with almost no furniture, no yard to speak of, and my kitties are waiting with a dear friend until we can be united in a few months when I come to fetch them. Top that off with not speaking the language, adjusting to a whole host of cultural differences and probably not at all being prepared for what all this is gonna entail- this could get interesting. Either way- those of you who know me know I’m gutsy and determined. I’ll figure this whole thing out if it kills me, and have a great time while I’m at it!


3 years later, I’m STILL in Norway (though, not sure for how much longer). The cats have become ex-pats, too and Yngve and I have gotten married! I’m still struggling with the day to day cultural differences, but I’m hanging in there!

Stay tuned, you never know when something could happen!


1 thought on “About Jessica”

  1. Hey –

    Thanks for forwarding the blog – I’ll forward it to James, too.

    Good for you – do this *stuff* while you can. While you’re young without any obligations to speak of! First Scotland now this! My best friend in high school spent a school year in Norway and loved it…..

    I’ll keep up with your new and exciting life via the blog.

    Thanks again!

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