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I don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods today, but here in Trondheim, it is just snowing like the devil.

We’ve had some of the crappiest weather this winter. For the first part of the winter it was mostly a little warmish so we only got rain, no snow. (We didn’t even have a white Christmas!) Then we got a little snow, which promptly melted and then froze into hard ice. Norwegians have some inborn inhuman ability to walk on ice like it’s a normal surface- but not me. I’m a little better than I was when I first moved here, but if it wasn’t for the little spikey things I put on my shoes, I’d fall flat on my face the moment I walked out the door.

For the last few weeks the weather has just been grey, dark, and depressing. This week the temperature has mostly hovered a little over freezing, so there’s been a mix of rain and snow every single day this week. Add high winds into the mix, and this sort of weather is the stuff that makes you want to stay inside, put a fire in the wood stove and curl up with a book or knitting. Today its just poured the snow down all day, so that is exactly what I’ve been doing.

I didn’t forget, however, that it’s Food Waste Friday. I went quite smugly into the kitchen thinking to myself “this is going to be three weeks in a row without any food waste, aren’t I just little miss clever?” I opened up the fridge to dig around and make sure… and I was promptly taken down a notch or two in my smugness.

Bummer. Two lonely, sad, shriveled up old scallions that got buried somehow under the carrots and other such things in the vegetable drawer. I think I’ll throw those into my stock bag in the freezer, so those wont get wasted. But the squishy, molded on top jalapeno pepper? The sad thing is, I don’t remember when I bought it… or why. Maybe it was for a taco night WEEKS ago? Did I buy more than I needed and thought I’d use it up eventually? Oops.

Next week, back to NO waste!

If you’ve made the commitment to produce less food waste, how did you fare this week, I’d love to hear about it!