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Last week I picked up one of the many “ukeblad”- weekly published ladies magazines- from the store. I picked it up specifically because they were doing a special edition on bread, and this issue had 14 or so nice looking bread recipes.

I got it home, flipped through the pages, and was interested in a particular recipe called “grønn flette” or, “green braid.” It got its green color and different flavor from  frozen spinach added to the dough.

I didn’t have all the required ingredients on hand, so I winged it with what I had.

The result was pretty darn good. The spinach lent the bread an interesting flavor- sort of savory… umami, if you like. However, I felt it lacked a little something- a little more depth, one extra addition… it needed a little something to be truly spectacular.

So, the other day I had a friend over (who happens to also be a chef) and we were sharing a slice (or two) of this bread- when I said, “I sort of think this bread would be good with caramelized onions in it.” After a pause for thought, my friend agreed, and my little brain set to thinking about coming up with a recipe.

Friends, what I came up with is delicious. The only problem I have is that it tastes so damn good its hard to have just one slice.

It is divine with a little bit of thinly sliced ham.

It would be fabulous with a hearty soup or a salad.

This bread just demands to be eaten.

Now I admit, it isn’t easy to just throw this together like you can a simpler bread, but I think the results are worth the effort.

So, if you’re done taking my word for it and you want to try it yourself, click here for the full recipe.


**I have to thank my friend Marianne for making this bread possible today. I could have SWORN I had another bag of flour in my cabinet, but alas, I did not. A quick phone call and a short 5 minute walk later, and Marianne gave me the last of her flour to bake with. :)