Last week I hoped I’d have zero food waste this week.

I tried. This week is marginally better than last week, but there was still a little food wasted.

Sunday Yngve wanted to bake bread, so he made a bunch of whole wheat dough, we broke it into 4 portions, froze three sections of dough and baked one. We didn’t manage to eat it all before it molded. I knew it was going to go off and I thought about cutting it up and drying it out for bread crumbs, but forgot it.

The only other thing we wasted this week was a potato. Though, not sure if it really counts as waste or not.

I made us a North African inspired tagine for dinner on Wednesday and realized after tasting it that I WAY over salted. oops.

Here’s a trick though, if you accidentally over salt a soup or stew: take a potato, cut it into quarters (or I suppose you could cut it in half, it doesn’t matter, really) and drop it into the soup or stew. The potato will absorb some of the salt, just fish it out once it’s cooked through. So, I sacrificed a potato to save dinner. Does that actually count as food waste? I mean, it served a purpose. Granted, the potato didn’t get eaten, so maybe that counts then.

Either way, food waste this week wasn’t zero, but it wasn’t terribly bad, either.

I do feel a little guilty over wasting such nice bread, though.


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