Short and sweet post today, ashamedly showing off this weeks food waste, as promised. Visit http://www.thefrugalgirl.com/ to learn more.

It isn’t as bad as I expected it might be. The only food waste we’ve had this week was after tonights dinner.

I present the evidence:

Romaine lettuce salad, a piece of salmon and a potato. Not pictured: two cherry tomatoes that molded, even though I just bought them a couple days ago.

I haven’t been feeling all that well the past couple days (I think I’m coming down with something) and tonight I just couldn’t finish dinner. Yngve is usually pretty good about cleaning my plate if I don’t, but he had eaten all of his plus most of the salad and most of the potatoes and he said he was full. I know it wouldn’t get eaten otherwise, so it went in the trash. *sigh*

So, had it not been for that, the only food waste I would have had would have been those two cherry tomatoes, which would have been bad enough!

Hopefully next week wont be bad, either.