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Just a quickie post as I’ve been super busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas festivities… I have more cookies to share, so stay tuned throughout the week.

This weekend Yngve and I went to the Julemarked (Christmas market) in Trondheim, paid a visit to Nidaros Cathedral and also cut and decorated our Christmas tree. Here are some photo highlights from the weekend!

Julebukk (Christmas Goat) made of straw. This guy went home with me!

The Christmas Market has lots of little stalls with handmade crafts

This wasn't for sale. :(

For our Christmas tree, we didn’t have loads of money to spend on Christmas decorations, so I made quite a few of them. I made a number of felt ornaments and a paper chain with red and white paper, and Yngve and I made a few paper hearts.  Also, I thinly sliced an orange and dried the slices in the oven. The orange slices are one of my favorites because the light just shines through them so prettily, they look like little stained glass windows. My other favorites are the little tiny mushroom ornaments I found at a store that make my tree look like it has been infested with fungi. :P

Also, I think the little Norwegian flag garland is adorable. (I looked all over the city for those, and finally found ONE tiny package. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for more.)

I have NO idea why it looks like it's leaning!

pretty :)

mini julebukk!

This paper snowflake was so easy to make!

My pretty bird from the ornament exchange I participated in this year!

paper hearts are so cute :)

making the paper chain made me feel like a kid again

A homemade felt mushroom to go with the little mushrooms

All in all, I think my tree turned out nice. I was a little worried that it would look a bit spartan, but I think it looks great. I also like that so much of the tree is homemade and that my favorite ornaments cost the least to make!

I’ll be back this week with more holiday baking!