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Betty Botter bought some butter, but, she said, the butter’s bitter; if I put it in my batter it will make my batter bitter, but a bit of better butter will make my batter better. So she bought a bit of butter better than her bitter butter, and she put it in her batter and the batter was not bitter. So ’twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter.

Actually, I lied. That isn’t an “ode” it’s an alliteration- but that’s beside the point!

Around these here parts lately I haven’t had a problem with bitter butter, I’ve had a problem with NO butter.

Norway has been experiencing a butter shortage.

At Christmas.

When people want to bake friggin’ cookies.

Now, there are all sorts of folks here in Norge standing about pointing fingers about whose fault it is and the reasons for why. This isn’t a political blog, so I’ll just pretend I don’t care who is to blame. (*coughthenorweigangovernmentcough*)

Anyway, what I did care about was the measly two tablespoons of butter in my fridge and the fact that every. single. store. has been sold out of butter for nigh on 3 weeks. Serious.

There are old folks here saying it was easier to get butter in WWII with strict rationing.


So, whats a girl to do? A girl who has a desire to make the 7 types of Norwegian Christmas cookies in addition to some American Christmas cookies- plus who needs butter for everyday cooking consumption? Well, if you live close enough, you go to Sweden.

Swedish Flag- photo courtesy of Wikipedia commons

Ah, Sweden.

The place that is almost like Norway, except they have better roads and cheaper food.

And beer.

And tobacco products.

Luckily for me, there is a FREE bus that travels from Trondheim to the Swedish border, daily. Monday-Saturday. Free.


So, today I hopped aboard the butter bus to Sweden with two of my friends. We left the city around 9:30, got to Sweden at about 11, the bus driver told us we had an hour to shop, and shop we did.

I headed straight for the dairy aisle and filled my little hand basket with 4 kilos (about 8 pounds) of delicious Swedish butter. I froze most of it, but have left some in the fridge for baking the next two days.

mmmmm... butter.

In addition to my precious, precious butter, I also purchased some “hel salt gurka,” which are whole salted pickles, kind of like dill pickles. They remind me a bit of claussen pickles, only smaller. Norwegian pickles are like sweet pickles. I miss salty kosher dill pickles from home, and these are the closest I’ve gotten.

I also got a couple packages of whole, unsliced bacon (over half the price less than here!) and some chicken breast (also less) and some salami and chocolate for Christmas and some parmesan cheese.

My Swedish booty, arg!

Anyway, I’m pretty darn pleased with my loot and I’m relieved that I finally got some butter. Now, to get started on those Christmas cookies!!

Stay tuned, yall- The Christmas cookie extravaganza begins tomorrow!