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I hope everyone in the US had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Yngve and I celebrated Thanksgiving the Saturday after Thanksgiving with some awesome friends of mine and their spouses.

Since then, I’ve been trucking away trying to finish up Christmas gifts to be mailed out. I’m (mostly) going with homemade gifts this year, as it fits better within our budget and also I just think they mean more. I’ll post pics of my finished gifts here, after Christmas so the surprise doesn’t get ruined for any of my friends and family who read my blog. :)

I participated in a Christmas ornament exchange this year in an online ladies group I’m a member of. I made this cute little felt birdie:


And in exchange, I got TWO beautiful handmade ornaments from a wonderful lady in Oregon- her husband carves the ornaments and she hand paints them. I wish I had been able to get a better shot  because these two are just adorable. The horse has a little Norwegian flag on it! So cute! And I just adore the card! The cardinal is the state bird of Virginia, so it has a special little place in my heart.


After I finished up my most recent project, I decided to take a brief respite to make something for me!

I looooooove Christmas, and I loooooovvee vintage so I decided to combine them both with a Christmas apron sewn from a vintage pattern in a kitschy mid-century-esque print.

The pattern comes from a 1941 German pattern book I have for drafting your own patterns. The patterns are tiny, you just have to enlarge them to your measurements. I’ve made a couple different things from these patterns- they can be a little challenging since there are no instructions or details on construction- you pretty much have to figure out how to put them together yourself. I have several of these books ranging from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, but I’ve mostly only used the 1950’s ones I have to make some summer dresses earlier this year.

So anyway, I picked this pattern:

I thought it was a really sweet pattern, I loved the ruffly sleeves and the square neckline. I bought this adorable Christmas print from the local fabric place that sort of reminded me of mid-century Christmas cards and decor- plus it has little rolling pins and cookie cutters on it- perfect for a Christmas apron!

I drafted the pattern last night and got about halfway through- its an apron, so it’s not like it has any major fitting that needs doing.


The only thing I changed from the pattern was that I made rounded pockets instead of pointed ones- only because they were the last thing I did and by the time I got to them I was feeling a little lazy and couldn’t be arsed mitering around those corners. So, I just did them round instead. I think my apron turned out super cute- what do you think?



And LOOK… I even broke my apron in by making you some yummy Norwegian waffles!


And I totally admit I only made the waffles so I'd have something to take a picture with...

mmmmmm… waffles…


Anyway, so that’s all I’ve got for today… HOPEFULLY I’ll be starting Norwegian Christmas cookies soon, but I have to make a trip to Sweden to buy butter. (Uh yeah… there’s a butter shortage in Norway… but more on that NEXT time!)