The cats dearly wishing they could go outside and eat the magpie that just flew by.

Today is the last day of my week long “what I ate” soiree. I hope that at least someone found it interesting, informative or helpful.

I certainly didn’t do it to proclaim the excellence and superiority of my method- I’m just showing those who are curious what I’ve been doing- what works for me. 

There are almost as many diets out there as there are religions- and like so many religions, diets have their fanatics. I don’t want to be preachy or come off holier than thou. I just want to share my experience and what’s working for me.

There are so many different methods and plans that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and wonder what the hell you should do. There are loads of statistics out there to be bombarded with, and the sad reality is that many of us who go on a weight loss journey will end up re-gaining our weight, and often plus some. Yikes.

So, it was important to me that I choose a “plan” that fit me and what I wanted. I didn’t want to be on a “diet.” I didn’t want to have some excessively long list of restricted foods. Instead, I wanted to learn to control how much I eat and to make healthier choices, which (I believe) make for longer lasting, sustainable weight loss.

I wanted something founded on actual logic and science, not based on what some random diet guru of the month was peddling for the cost of their book or a seminar or a web subscription or whatever. It’s a simple premise, based on logic, and science: you don’t take in more energy than you put out.

There are some diets out there that claim that somehow the laws of thermodynamics do not apply to them (which my biophysicist husband thinks is hee-larious) and tout their special plans- but all I see are restrictions that interfere with long term success. My way has been a lot easier for me- I just keep track of my calories and make sure that I don’t take in more than I need- and best of all- it doesn’t cost anything.

So anyway- except for my skipping a meal a couple times (which I said was just because of getting up later, so I only ate two meals that day) I pretty much stayed on track as far as calories went. I only had one day where I went over, for the most part I was on targetish.

I feel like I kind of showed that I don’t starve myself or eat only lettuce. I eat healthy, yummy meals- that are probably not that much different from your breakfasts or dinners (with the exception maybe of the stir fried wheat berries) except that they’re tweaked to be a little lower in calories.

I hope that anyone who reads this who is struggling with weight loss and has any questions will get in touch- I’d love to be a support system for someone else who is going through the same thing.

So ANYWAY. That little bit over and said… lets talk cookies, and why its important to think outside the box.

So I decided to try these low-cal lovlies today. I love orange. I love cranberry. I love walnuts. I love cookies. How amazingly spectacularly awesome is it that cranberries, oranges and walnuts were combined, seemingly just for me, into a delicious looking low-cal cookie? It almost seems impossible. Too good to be true! Since I had promised the cookies yesterday and didn’t deliver, the thought of not doing them today just made me… sad I wouldn’t be having a cookie today.

So I decided to whip them up. I printed off the recipe, glanced over the ingredients list and saw something that made me cringe a little and say “aw, maaaaaann….”


I know, who the eff cringes over applesauce?

I do.

Because they don’t MAKE it here.

Sure, you can get some stuff called eplemos, which is kind of like a really chunky applesauce with extra sugar and some cinnamon I think- but just plain, unsweetened applesauce in a jar? Haven’t seen it.

So I was about to discard this recipe and search for something else that might contain oranges, cranberries and walnuts- but then I was struck with an idea.


Just make your own, doofus.

And so I did. I had ONE single apple in the fruit bowl.

ONE sad looking, somewhat shriveled, about to get thrown out because nobody wants to eat a mushy apple… apple.

So I peeled it, diced it up, threw it in a little bitty saucepan with maybe 2 tablespoons of water, then let it cook away.

When it was soft, I whizzed it with the immersion blender and voila! Applesauce. Almost exactly 1/2 cup of applesauce. Just what I needed for my cookies.

See? Thinking outside the box gets you cookies. Remember that.

Anyway, the cookies are fantabulous. Try them. My only complaint is that the dough is really really sticky. The author mentions the dough is sticky, but I wasn’t prepared for it being that sticky. It was kind of hard to roll into balls, and I ended up rolling the balls too big and came up with half the yield indicated. So I just doubled the calorie amounts for each cookies, no biggie.

Try them anyway.


Go do it.

Anyway, so how about getting on with the last installation of my 7 day What I Ate series…


Yet another eggy breakfast! We eat a lot of eggs here. They’re the perfect little food product- you can cook them in a bazillion different ways, and they really stick with ya for the day. This morning I fixed us scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and chives. Oh so good. I love smoked salmon. I added some snipped fresh dill on mine because dill+salmon= awesome. Yngve didn’t get any because that heathen doesn’t like dill. Weirdo.

Breakfast Totals:

3 eggs scrambled with a splash of milk and about 2.5 ounces of smoked salmon, sliced into small pieces and added to the eggs : 469 calories

Now I wish I had more salmon so I could have it for breakfast again tomorrow.


Lunch wasn’t really any formal thing- more like sort of munching whatever while I was cleaning. I baked some bread, and I had a couple slices of that after it cooled.

2 slices of my bread, spread with 2 tsp each of flora light: 204 calories

1 clementine: 35 calories


Well… like I’ve mentioned several times before, dinner on Monday is usually a repeat of Sunday. I do too much on Monday to want to bother with cooking a meal. Yngve doesn’t mind, and it makes my life easier.

However, I only got one serving of pot roast tonight because SOMEONE (and that someone would not be me or the cats) went into the kitchen yesterday and carved off a big slice of potroast meant for supper tonight. *le sigh* I had another slice of bread with it to make up for it.

Dinner totals:

1 serving pot roast: 256 calories

2 potatoes: 200 calories

1 slice of bread with 2 tsp flora light: 102 calories

Total: 558 calories

Plus, I had one of those cookies- and since I seem to have made them twice as big as they were supposed to be, they come in at 204 calories each.

That brings my entire day to 1470.

I really enjoyed doing this, and I enjoy that it has gotten me back to blogging, and I deeply appreciate the 5 of you who read this. :P I think I’ll be doing this again, maybe once or twice a week- just not every day.

I’ll be seeing you soon!