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I must apologize.

I lied to you yesterday when I said I was making cookies.

I didn’t make cookies today due to being too busy! Yngve and I worked on the floor in our spare room- though the room of misery would be a more apt name.

We started working on this room earlier in the fall- it had been a a catch-all for all my craft related junk, Yngve’s junk, stuff we didn’t use and anything we wanted out of sight when company came over.

I wanted a dedicated craft room- an organized place where all of my things were easily accessible and I could work on sewing projects or knitting or whatever and not have to deal with my shit being scattered all over the rest of our tiny apartment. It’s not fun to have to clear an entire sewing mess off the dining table because we need to eat dinner. (Though lately we’ve been eating either in the kitchen or at the coffee table because there’s an old computer sitting on our dining table that is supposed to get moved into the craft room when it’s finished.)

So we began working on this room sometime earlier in the autumn- beginning with moving everything out of the room and taking it to the cellar, the attic, or stacking it in our bedroom.

First we began with removing the old wallpaper- and uncovered about 7 or so layers of different wallpapers, newspaper and painted layers. It took a good 3 or 4 days to completely remove all that crap from the walls- and when we hauled away all of it- it added up to something like 100 pounds of freaking old nasty wallpaper from one tiny room. It was insane.

So then we took another few days to put up some structural paper on the walls (to keep our old walls from completely crumbling into the floor) and to paint. I picked a pretty, fresh color called “Caribbean” so that when it was the middle of winter and the mørketid (literally, “dark time) has me feeling really depressed, I could find sanctuary in my brightly painted, fun little craft room.

Well, after we finished the walls we got ready to tackle refinishing the floors. We had previously ripped up some ugly carpet in there to find an ugly linoleum which was preferable to the ugly carpet in terms of cleaning so we left it. Then, we discovered that there were wood floors under the ugly linoleum so we ripped that up. *sigh* I almost wish we hadn’t because the floors have been the biggest pain in the ass so far.

The floors were probably covered up some time in the 70’s, or at least that is my educated guess based on the fact that it was stuck down in places with a double sided sticky tape made with an adhesive compound that could probably be used as like, fly paper or something- and this same double sided tape was found on the top layer of wallpaper in places (soooo weird, WTF were they doing/thinking?) that had a suspiciously 1970’s avocado-green-and-gold pattern on it.

A combination of old linoleum adhesive, old floor finish and a good 30 years made the floors kind of sticky and in desperate need of refinishing.

I’ve never refinished floors before, and neither had Yngve so we decided to do it with the enthusiasm only naivete and inexperience can bring.

We have tried practically every solution to get all the old finish off the floors so they can be sanded and oiled. The first couple things we tried wouldn’t even put a dent in it. Then we tried red spirit, which got most of it off- but not all- and still left a sticky residue on the floor so it couldn’t be sanded because it just clogged the sander- and most recently we tried some sort of paint thinner stuff Yngve picked up- which got rid of a lot more of it, but not all

I guess the biggest problem is not really knowing what the floors were treated with so we’ve had to go through several different methods trying to get the crap off. We’ve gotten almost all of it off at this point, but I think we’re going to try turpentine to get the last of it off. THEN we can sand the floors, oil them and get my craft room started.

So I helped Yngve in there today cleaning the floors and skipped on baking cookies. I’m going to be incredibly happy when this is done and my house can go back to normal.

On to what I ate…


So we had another eggy breakfast today. Just soft boiled eggs again and toast. Nothing super special. We eat a lot of eggs in our house, I’ve noticed. I got some smoked salmon at the grocery store on Friday so I think tomorrow we’ll have some scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. nom nom

Breakfast total: 2 soft boiled eggs with 2 slices whole wheat toast spread with 1 tsp each of flora light, 1.5tsp of butter (for the eggs)

TOTAL: 403 calories


mmmmmmmmm Pot Roast!

Is there really anything much more evocative of a traditional Sunday dinner than pot roast bubbling away on the stove? I like pot roast because its pretty easy, and it’s a one pot meal. I also like it because it utilizes a cheap cut of meat, and since beef is ungodly expensive in this place (do -not- get me started on the cost of food here- the cost, quality and selection of food in Norway simply sucks, and that’s putting it nicely.) it’s helpful to cook a beef dish that isn’t going to use a cut of meat that will cost as much as all the rest of my groceries combined. (btw, today I read a fabulous blog post on exactly that problem here)

So I bought the cheapest cut of beef I could find at the store, (and it still cost me 114 NOK per kilo- about 9.50 USD per pound, give or take a buck) which was something called flatbiff, which seemed to be the equivalent of something along the lines of bottom round roast in the US. (and I just did a quick check on safeway’s website- and the same cut of beef would cost 2.19 USD bought in the US for some perspective- and they aren’t even the cheapest place to buy food from.. yeah I get pretty angry over the food situation here)

Anyway, everyone has their own recipe for pot roast- and most of them are good. Again, I used the WW cookbook for inspiration on how to keep mine low cal. The meat I used was practically devoid of any fat and had no marbling (well it IS bottom round) so it wasn’t fatty to begin with. I heated 4 tsp of olive oil in a pot, sprinkled my roast with plenty of salt and pepper, then browned it on all sides.

Then I lifted it out, put it on a cutting board and threw in my aromatics (2 onions, 2 carrots, a couple garlic cloves, and a couple celery stalks- chopped up smallish) some rosemary, thyme and a couple bay leaves and cooked till the veg softened. You should have lots of lovely little brown bits of beefy goodness stuck to the bottom of the pan from browning the roast- these are good. These are delicious beefy flavor. You want them. I added half a cup of dry red wine to the veg and scraped up all those wonderful brown beefy bits with the veg. Then I added in a can of chopped tomatoes (14.5 oz, 400g) and a cup of beef stock. I put the roast back in, stuck the lid on and let it simmer there for a couple hours.

Then, I peeled and halved a few potatoes and put them in to cook with the roast for like 20 minutes or so. I don’t remember, I walked away and did something. Checked facebook. Scratched the cats belly. Smooched my hubby. Who knows- but its pot roast, it doesn’t freaking matter.

When the taters were cooked, I took out the roast, sliced it and served it up in a bowl with some of the aforementioned potatoes. We ate it up, and we’ll be having the leftovers tomorrow!

2 servings of pot roast: 512 calories

3 red potatoes: 300 calories

total: 812 calories

I had a clementine a little after dinner tonight as a snack, bringing my entire daily total up to: 1250 calories. That’s a little bit less than I’m comfortable with, but I really didn’t have the time/desire to have anything to eat between our late breakfast/lunch/brunch and dinner… I dunno what to do about days when I just don’t feel like eating a lot. Am I doing to become nutritionally deficient if I don’t feel like making lunch one day? Who knows. I guess I’ll sort all this out eventually.

Well, I’m afraid I have to keep it short and sweet (relatively speaking) today- as its already past 11, and Monday is my big cleaning day of the week, so no sleeping in for me! Tomorrow is the last day of my week long “what I ate” range of posts- I certainly hope its been informative and enjoyable. For now, I’m off to bed. God natt!

P.S If I get time Monday in between cleaning and my usual Monday bread baking, I’ll see about baking those cookies I promised today. Otherwise, they’ll have to wait till Tuesday!