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See the pretty snowflakes
Falling from the sky;
On the wall and housetops
Soft and thick they lie.

On the window ledges,
On the branches bare;
Now how fast they gather,
Filling all the air.

Look into the garden,
Where the grass was green;
Covered by the snowflakes,
Not a blade is seen.

Now the bare black bushes
All look soft and white,
Every twig is laden,
What a pretty sight!


This weekend I was afflicted with some sort of vile sinus infection which pretty much kept me on the couch bundled up underneath a pile of blankets.

I must admit I was a big baby all weekend, whining about my sore head and throat, and I must have sent Yngve to the kitchen a dozen times a day to fetch me glasses of water and cups of tea, bless him for his patience.

Saturday I did have a couple hours where I felt better and decided what I needed in my time of illness was a sweet treat.

To pay homage to the snow that has been falling here the past couple days, as well as to that which seems to be hitting home quite a bit, I created these delightful cupcakes, which bring to mind mounds of soft, fallen snow.

I just used a plain cupcake recipe, but added a bit of dessicated coconut to the mix. For the icing, I used my new favorite, cooked flour frosting, which I flavored with a bit of vanilla AND rum extract to give it a slightly different edge. Of course, they were then generously topped with more coconut which is what makes them look like snowballs!

Yngve even helped decorate them!

Recipe to follow when I feel better!