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So the other day I saw this adorable little crocheted hedgehog needle holder thing someone made on ravelry that I instantly fell in love with. This morning I was looking at some odds and ends of yarn I had that werent whole skeins and thought I’d attempt my own little hedgehog! The original one I saw had no pattern associated with it, so I sort of had to wing it. I wanted mine to look a little more “realistic” so I knitted the head which I then felted and embroidered on his eyes and nose. Then I was going to knit the body but after several tries I decided I’d have to break down and do it crocheted. I hate crochet. I do not like the way it looks, I do not like doing it. However, I wanted this to be fast and easy and I wanted it to have a certain texture I didnt think I’d get unless I did seed stitch or moss stitch in knitting and I really didnt want to put that much effort into it.  Plus I figured the increases and decreases I’d need to do to get the right shape would be fiddly. So, crochet it was. It had been a while since I crocheted anything, so we will refer to my crocheting in this project as “freestyle, creative crochet.” :P I used three different colors held together for the body to make it go faster, to use up some of the yarn, and to create sort of an interesting color combo that looked a bit more realistic so to speak.

After I finished, I sewed him all up and he now graces my work room desk. I think I’ll call him Francis.