DSC01139The first S is for Sourdough bread. (aka one of my favorites!!!) In the past I’ve attempted to make sourdough and for some reason its always fallen flat been a complete and utter disaster.  I decided this past weekend to attempt once again another go at the sourdough which has elluded me so. This time it worked great, and I believe the difference is in the water of all things. I think the water where I tried it before was chlorinated- which may have totally killed my starter. The water here is not chlorinated (to my knowledge anyway) and I appear to have had better results.

If you want to try your hand at making sourdough, visit these websites, the ones I found the most helpful and informative:

Bake Sourdough

Sourdough Baking, The Basics by S. John Ross

I pretty much just followed their instructions for making the starter, proofing and baking and I ended up with a nice loaf of bread! I used a mixture of white flour and rye flour with mine- I was afraid to use 100% rye because I wasnt sure how well it would rise, so I did a mix. I quite like the mix, I think the white flour makes the bread a bit more tender and soft, while the rye gives it a nutty flavor.

The crust turned out nice and chewy and wonderful as well! All in all, I was pleased with this sourdough experience and will be trying it again soon. DSC01150

mmmmmm love that golden crust!

The next S is for Strawberries and Cream with a liberal spoonful(s) of Demerara sugar. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


Geez I love food WAY too much.


The last S is for Sweater, though it should really be a T for tedious. I designed this sweater for myself- its in knit picks swish worsted which is a very soft superwash merino that I am absolutely in love with. The yarn is soft and has nice stitch definition and drape. The sweater itself is designed to be a raglan sleeve sweater tunic with a scoop neck and zig zag lace at the bottom. The lace pattern itself is pretty easy I’ve just had enough of this sweater already! I want it done! I’m sick to death of this particular series of yarnovers and k2tog. I’ve got one more skein of yarn left on the body, then I have to do the sleeves. I havent decided if I want to continue the lace pattern on the sleeve at some point (maybe below the elbow to the wrist?) or if I just want to leave it plain and just rib the cuff. Either way, it looks quite nice and I think it will keep me toasty this winter. :)