and make it my own…

well you tried it just for once found it all right for kicks.
but now you’ve found out that it’s a habit that sticks.
and you’re a knit-ting addict!
you’re a knit-ting addict!

uh huh, uh huh, uhhhhh, uhhhhh

points to any of you who know the real words.

I’ve had so much time on my hands since I’ve been here that I’ve been a knitting fool. Knitting is something I really enjoyed before, but now its become an OBSESSION. I want to knit constantly. Actually, I do knit constantly. I’ve started half a dozen projects and finished a few, have some more in mind and I’m thinking about designing a few of my own.

Since I havent posted anything really in a little while, heres some pics of my most recent finished projects.

First, the “Grace Lace Beret” which I knitted up in less than 24 hours. I started this Sunday night and finished it Monday afternoon. I was looking for a nice hat to wear this fall that would be warm and was big enough to cover my big-ass head- also, I wanted it to be quick but interesting and relatively low on the commitment scale. I think this fit the bill pretty well. I used Dalegarn Heilo in a light brownish color on size 8 needles. I may make a pair of mittens to match it, but I may just leave it as is.

my new hat!

my new hat!

I’m really in love with this hat! I like the lacey pattern and I love how it sits on the back of my head. Sometimes you get a slouchy hat and it just slides off the back of your head or its too tight and makes me look funny.  The dalegarn Heilo is nice and warm too!

DSC00910 DSC00904

So what do you think?! I think its adorable and I cant wait to wear it other than for “photoshoots” on the balcony.

My next project I started with the same idea in mind- I wanted something low commitment, easy and relatively quick. Plus I had a bunch of knitpicks gloss lace (a really luxurious feeling silk-merino blend) that I really needed to do something with. So, I decided to make a cowl/wimple/smoke ring- which is just a big knitted tube that goes around your neck to keep it warm. Its smaller than a scarf and it wont blow open in wind, which makes it nice. So I chose a simple feather and fan (or old shale depending on who you’re talking to) lace pattern and knitted it up. It was a pretty quick knit as well, though it took a bit longer than my hat. The knitpicks gloss lace gives it a really nice drape and hand that I quite like. DSC00916

I also quite like how it pools and drapes around my neck:

DSC00909In addition to those projects I’ve got a couple socks, some mittens, a baby sweater, a me sweater and a lace shawl on needles in progress.  I expect I’ll get the sweater for me done before anything else, mostly because its more interesting than anything else I’m knitting -besides the shawl- but the shawl is not “tv knitting”- I’m still relatively new to lace knitting so I have to pay very close attention to the chart otherwise I feel like I’m loosing my place and I have to go back and count stitches over and over. Plus I have like 900 more rows to knit on it. :P

Now since I’m in Norway and whenever anyone mentions Norway and knitting in the same sentence, it usually brings to mind stranded knitting to mind, images of selbuvotter mittens and hats and sweaters in bold black and white or red and white. While I do quite love traditional selbu knitting, I’ve been intrigued by a hat created by Kelbourne Woolens, called “Selbu Modern.” It uses a traditional selbu design in a non traditional way, with what appears to be a soft fuzzy lovely yarn in two soft colors that provide contrast without being so… loud about it. Its just soft and subtle- I really like that about this pattern. Bearing that in mind, I want to create my own colorwork hat with my own design, borrowing some of the same properties. I want it to be out of a luxurious yarn with nice sheen, drape and hand- and I want the colorway to be soft and subtle. I’ve been playing with some designs today, this is what I’ve come up with so far:

DSC00919I also gathered some inspiration from Eunny Jang’s Anemoi mittens when I was thinking about what sort of design I wanted. I liked the swirly design, but I wanted something more symetrical and kinda flowery. I might add a little more to it tonight or tomorrow then knit up a test swatch to see how I like the colorway I’ve choosen with the yarn and the pattern. Right now I’m thinking about using DROPS alpaca since its got the physical properties I’m looking for- its soft, it has a nice sheen and it has a pretty little halo about it. I havent decided on a colorway yet, though. Any suggestions?

I suppose tomorrow I’ll post a picture of the swatch after I’ve gotten back from the yarn store. I think that design will look nice on a hat, possibly on a matching pair of mittens??? Thoughts?!