The weather here for the past week has been PHENOMENAL. Its been in the mid-high 80’s, sunny, with a light breeze. Basically, its been perfect weather. I am amazed with how stunningly perfect the weather is… and how fast it changed. We went from chilly 50 degrees with a cold wind to this in like, just a day! It is absolutely wonderful. I feel the need to take advantage of every moment, as if it could (and it will) be jerked away from me before I know it… there is no such thing as staying inside and watching TV or playing on the computer on a day like this. To do such a thing would be blasphemy, I think.  You have to savor every moment of the glorious warm breezes and hot sun, enjoy it and soak it in.

Today was such a day as to not be wasted. Yngve and I drove out to his moms house about 30 minutes away… she lives in a beautiful cottage on the Fjord and since the weather was so fine, we decided to go sunbathing/swimming. I myself didnt do much swimming because I didnt bother bringing my swimsuit, and the only place we went yesterday to look for one only had bikini’s and one single one-piece swimsuit that was horrible, so I refused to buy it even just to wear to swim. So instead, I contented myself with stretching out on the warm rock to sun myself and take in the glorious weather.  Oh, and I waded quite a bit as well. The beaches around the Fjord arent so much “beaches” in the traditional sense… they are long expanses of rock, sometimes pebbly, but there are huge smooth rocks to lay your towel on. Its actually a bit nicer than a sandy beach, as you dont have to worry about getting sand in places that are just a little uncomfortable. Warm days are not in excess here, which means when it is nice, EVERYONE heads out to the Fjord, or finds a sunny place to enjoy the sun. We were all  laying about on the rocks like sunning seals, eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the sunshine on our faces and bodies. It was wonderful.

I took some time as well to explore around the little cove we settled in, poking a stick at bunches of seaweed that had been left on the beach with low tide, picking up interesting rocks and shells, and taking a few pictures. Wild strawberries were plentiful where we were sunning, they were sweet and small and the four of us found ourselves bent over patches of them, popping the berries into our mouths, fingers stained pink enjoying the warm fruit.DSC00875


My exploration around the Fjord found a family of ducks who were happily quacking and fishing near the shore, they were adorable and I couldnt resist taking a couple shots of them.duckies

more duckies!

The fjord itself is lovely, the sun sparkles on the water, the rocks that make up the shore are ancient and give you the feeling of being on some distant planet with their craters, striations, dips and hills.





Every now and then, if you were very quiet and looked very, very closesly, the magic that is the woods and waters of Norway would come to life and you could be almost certain you caught the glimpse of a little fairy or a gnome or a “nisse“… or perhaps you might even see… emerging from the shimmering depths… a sea creature, dripping wet and speaking in some strange language you dont quite understand… I managed to catch a photo of one of those fjord monsters, I believe it is known as an Yngve, but I’m really not sure. :P



So anyway, it was a wonderful day… afterwards we had a great dinner with his folks, then came back home.

DSC00854 So, it all wraps up here at home with a lovely glass of his mothers homemade fig wine, which is faaaaaantastic. Its sweet and delicious, with a gorgeous color that reminds me more of a fine whiskey than a wine.  It tastes like taking every experience today- the sun, the water, the nature, the soft breeze – and distilling it into this wonderful wine- It goes quite well with a light snack of toast and brown cheese. So… the day has ended. The weekend was wonderful. I think now its time to finish my drink, get myself ready to close all the blinds to shut out the light and head to sleep. Days like today make me infinitely glad I came to this place. Beauty can be found around every corner in my new little world. I think I’m in love.