Well, looks like I FINALLY found some converter thingies at my favorite store! I KNEW if I found them anywhere, I’d find them at the Co-op- which, by the way I am more and more convinced every day is the Norwegian Wal Mart- especially today when I was browsing through the shoe department and found “earth shoes” a brand also carried by Wal Mart stores in the US.

Anyway, for your enjoyment here are a few photos I’ve taken… though I dont have many since my camera died like 2 days after I got here.

First, I have two photos from what I will henceforth call “The Epic Move of 2009” in which Stacy helped me pack and move ALL my shit in less than a week to a tiny storage unit… had it not been for her packing prowess, I would have never EVER gotten all my stuff into the unit. Stacy, you are THE goddess of moving and packing. Usta and Oscar kitties wanted in on the fun as well:


Oscar says: OOOHHHHH….Let me help pack!


Usta just says “Um… this putting shit in boxes is freaking me out. I’m gonna hide in here until you’re finished, thanks.”

The next photo demonstrates something that took me a little time to get used to… the lack of night here during the summer months.  When I lived in Aberdeen, Scotland a couple years back it was light out for a long time, like till maybe midnight, but then it got dark for a couple hours before getting light again say around 3am. Here, however… it just doesnt ever get really dark. I took this picture off our balcony at about 12:45/1:00am some time during the first few days I was here.


I suppose I need to make myself ready for the inevitable time this winter when it will be the exact oposite- dark all day with only a little light… hopefully I’ll make it through that ok! Now, what trip to another country could be complete without me trying the local brewski, which, by the way I quite like.

DahlsIts nice and crisp, fruity and just a little bit hoppy.  I really liked it and I get us a 6 pack frequently, though they tend to go pretty fast between the two of us.  They are especially delightful enjoyed on a warm (!!!) June day on the balcony.

My next photograph(s) are of a food item I was almost certain I would find terrible and disgusting. I dont know if it was the color, the name, or both- but it freaked me out a little at first. However… I was wrong. Oh boy, how I was WROOOOONNNNG.  What I am speaking of, friends… is a cheese product called “Brunost” which means “brown cheese.” Basically, it seems you only have two kinds of cheese in this place.. Brunost and everything else, which is “hvitost” (white cheese). Ok, maybe not… but I see a lot of packages just labled “hvitost” which just means white cheese and I cant help but think to myself… “white cheese? that isnt very descriptive… what kind of white cheese? Like white cheddar? provalone? Monteray Jack? What in christs name kind of frigging cheese is white cheese????!?!?!” Which leads me to believe perhaps Norwegians are a little bit vague erm, less than descriptive… kind of like on the package of the “hvalbiff” (whale beef) it just said it came from “small whales.” Of course, I’m like WTF kind of small whales?!?!?! Just the small kind, lady… dont ask questions.  See… vague less than descriptive. Well, its either that or I’m just used to shit being super descriptive. Either way, sorry for the tangent… back to the delectable Brunost or, Brown Cheese.

So… I was a little bit afraid to try the Brunost thinking it might be a little yucky. The wikipedia page on Brunost indicates its sweet and caramelly. (is that even a word? if its not, it is now.) I just imagined the taste of cheddar cheese smothered in like… caramel sauce. Ew. Well, always being the adventureous food taster,  we bought some.  I sliced some on a piece of bread… closed my eyes, took a bite and…. hey… this crap is GOOD. It IS caramelly and sweet. But not like cheese. Except for having the smooth texture of a cheese, you would hardly know it was a cheese at all. I am now addicted. I love brown cheese. I want the whole world to love brown cheese too. I think I should become the sole supplier of brown cheese to YOUR local grocery store. I want you to eat brown cheese for breakfast. I’m gonna start a national campagin for Brown Cheese in America… “mmmm eat your Brunost, kiddies and be big and strong just like… a VIKING!!!!”

Anyway, here is the delicious brunost in its packaging:


And the yummy stuff sliced and placed on a slice of bread, first bite taken:


It is delicious. That is all I can say. I was surprised at liking it so much, its pretty freaking good!

Ok, so its getting a little late here for me, so I think I’ll save my pictures from our Sunday walk around the Fjord till next time. I think tomorrow I’m gonna head towards town and take some pics while I’m there as well. I’ll do the touristy thing this week and next week and see some of the more famous and lovely places around here. :) Hope yall enjoyed these photos, maybe next time I’ll do a videoblog since I’ve got my digital camera back!! yaaaaay!!!! I suppose I could leave you with a teaser though, so here you go… the Fjord on a sunny Sunday in June :)