Or so they say anyway.

I just cracked open my last pack of cigarettes. Boo. While part of me knows that I’m doing the right thing by quitting- though really, if the cost of cigarettes here weren’t so high, I’d still be puffing away after this last pack was done- a huge part of me really is going to miss it. Beyond the nicotine, smoking is like… my comforting friend. When I’m having a bad day, I can always turn to you, cigarettes, and know that you’ll calm my nerves and make me feel better. When I’m bored, cigarettes, you’re there, giving me something to do for 5 minutes- or 15… or 20… if I’m chain smoking. I’m actually really nervous about quitting. Smoking has been a part of who I am for the past 7 years! Most of my friends don’t even know a Jessica before she smoked. I wish now I had brought more with me! I don’t wanna quit!! *whine*

On another note- tomorrow Yngve comes home! Yay! He’s been gone for a week on some PhD summer study trip thing in Slovakia of all places leaving me here all by my lonesome to poke around the apartment dejectedly and venture to the grocery store ALONE! eeeeep! Speaking of, this afternoon I need to get up to the Co-op (or, as I call it, the Norwegian version of Wal Mart) to get some stuff for dinner tomorrow. Being that tomorrow is Sunday, heaven forbid I forget to get anything today or desperately need anything tomorrow because not a damn thing will be open to cater to my used to crap being open 24/7 self. I swear this whole frigging place shuts down on Sundays! wtf? What if you NEED something on a Sunday? What if you happen to forget something important like, I dunno… feminine products of some sort and find yourself in a bad way on a Sunday afternoon? At home, I’d run to the grocery store which would certainly be open- or the pharmacy or the evil but glorious 24/7 Wal Mart. Here I recon I’d have to spend Sunday standing on my head with my knees pressed together and wait it out till Monday.

Anyway, I’m just glad Yngve is coming home tomorrow. Besides the lovey dovey missing him thing (awwwwww), I’m just darn lonely, damnit. Yes, I lived alone before and was known to go days and days on end without calling anyone or emerging from my hermit-like existence, but at least I knew I could like go see someone if I was lonely, or pick up the phone and call someone without paying frigging millions to chat for 15 minutes.

However, yesterday my loneliness was broken for a bit- I discovered another American (and Virginian!!) who lives like 2 blocks from me on an ex-pats in Trondheim group. So, we met up and went to get a smoothie. 3 hours of glorious conversation with someone who has an American accent! 3 hours of discussing changes and differences, grievances and bitching, news from home, shared experiences, etc etc. It was great. Then, she took me by a grocery store that has imported American foodstuffs! Woo! Arm and Hammer baking soda, Betty Crocker Cake mixes (not that I use those, but damn I feel like buying one just so I have something in my cabinet with English written on it!) old El Paso taco seasonings and taco shells, HERSHEYS CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!! Which, by the way, are 10 dollars a package here. Oh, and “imported American Dr. Pepper” which apparently tastes better because its made from a different sugar than Norwegian Dr. Pepper. Those cost about 5 bucks a can. So, now I know where to go when I’m craving chocolate chip cookies and don’t mind throwing down the equivalent of 10 bucks for a package of chocolate chips just to satisfy my need for a small taste of home. I wonder if they have Velveeta cheese….

So tonight I’ve been invited over to her house for dinner with her and her husband. I think we’re watching a movie too. So, off I go to the store to buy some stuff for a special dinner for Yngve when he gets home tomorrow, some flowers for my dinner hosts and some ingredients for an apple crisp to take for dessert.

Weather is supposed to be REALLY nice tomorrow so perhaps a walk down to the fjord will be in order. Either way, I shall keep you updated!