… I don’t understand Norwegian.

That, my good friends, has been the theme of my first week and a half or so in Norway. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said something to me in Norwegian and I have stopped, body frozen, eyes wide and just stared, mouth slightly agape, heart racing- wondering what to say. Do I say something in English? Do I wait for my significant other to reply? What do I do?!? In those 15-20 seconds or so my mind is frantically screaming “AAAAAHHH PANIC PANIC PANIC!!! UNFAMILIAR SITUATION!!! RUUUUUUUUUN!!!!” I’m standing there looking like a scared rabbit or a deer in headlights and the poor person that’s spoken to me is probably wondering if I’m mildly retarded or mentally unstable or something. Luckily, for the most part so far I’ve had my significant other, Yngve, with me- he has been so kind as to defuse the situation by answering any question that’s been asked of me, most of which are quite simple such as  “would you like a receipt?” which I am certain confirms my mental incapacity in the mind of the question ask-er.

So, this week,  determined to learn this dratted language which has me all sorts of confused and tongue tied I ventured out into the great unknown, map in hand and walked the massive 5 minute distance to the adult education center to register for Norwegian classes.  (massive distance being relative to my being terrified of walking into unknown places I’ve not been yet- I’m convinced I’m going to get lost and the only people I’ll run into are like Poles or something that dont speak any English to help me find my way back.)

Turns out that the next session of Norwegian for non Norwegians doesnt start until August. So, I have the whole summer to read my “teach yourself Norwegian” books and study the “Norwegian in 10 minutes a day” program which, turns out, sucks. Horribly. Like, worse than a black hole. According to Yngve its rife with misspelled words and bad grammar. Bah! I spent like 10 bucks on that crappy thing, too!

But anyway, lets get to the point of this here blog! Basically, I want friends and family back home to be able to keep up with what I’m doing here between phone calls and emails. I’d like to keep this blog a little more organized than my former blog, with seperate pages for different things, ie: food, knitting, sewing, reenacting (yes! I’m gonna be doing that here! Just a different time period), bitching, photos, etc. Also, I’m going to try to do a once weekly video/photo blog post so I can share some of my pics and also verbally accost you all with videos so its not just text.

For the moment, my blog is woefully deviod of photos- mostly because I, apparently, am an idiot and managed to forget- out of all things- my international converter for electrical outlets. So. I have a digital camera with photos that would looooove to be uploaded here, but no way to get them off, because the battery is dead and I have no way to charge it. VIVA FORGETFULNESS!!!!! …. er… wait… not.

Anyway, soon I shall have loads of semi-interesting posts, seperate pages for knitting and cooking and all that other crap I love to do… that way if, for instance, you really could give a shit about my knitting endeavors, you dont have to sit through an entire blog post about how I just discovered the wonders of fair isle knitting or how I had to pick out 15 rounds of stitches on a pair of socks because the lace pattern was off and it was getting on my nerves. The same goes for cooking and any reenacting escapades I have while I’m here.

Anyway, I hope you find it interesting, informative, funny, whatever adjective you can think of to stick in there that might be semi-positive.

So without further ado… I am… Nutsville in Norway!